A New Moon Rises - Border supplies Mahlo to Abraham Moon & Sons

Abraham Moon & Sons is over 180 years old (founded in 1837), one of the last vertical mills in the UK, predominantly known for being a leading manufacturer of 100% woollen and worsted fabrics for men’s and ladies suiting’s, jackets and skirts.

Moon’s has a reputation for producing a top quality product which is used in all the leading fashion houses across the world.

The company’s strengths are linked to the experienced staff in terms of management and machine operatives, committed to investing in new technology to promote a quality product, accompanied with a highly skilled design team.

The purchase of a new Mahlo weft straightener to integrate with the KD Machine combined to improve quality and straightness of certain fabric types. Mahlo was the only machine looked at due to them being at the forefront of technology within this field, and also the track record and results achieved with their weft straighteners.

The machine purchased is a combination machine which is perfect for the fabrics processed at Abraham Moons.

The machine has been in operation for 6 months and the results achieved have exceeded what was expected. Since installation not one piece of fabric has been returned from the final perch for bow and skew during normal running conditions. Prior to this 75% of all checked upholstery pieces were being reworked.

This has resulted in the following

  • Reduced rejected fabric at final perch
  • Increased savings in labour and processing time
  • Improved quality
  • Less re processing time
  • Reduction in costs due to labour, overtime and energy costs.

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