Sampling solutions for the weaving industry Visit website.

Autefa Solutions

Autefa Solutions Crosslapper Complete nonwoven lines including blending, carding, cross-lapping and needling looms. Visit website.


A range of fabric transport & guiding systems including centering & straightening devices. Rope opener detwisters & fabric slitting machines. Dewatering/finishing systems including pad/squeezers & vacuum extractors. Entry feed/exit batching systems for continuous processing lines. Preparation machines including dye beam & A frame batching. Visit website.


Tufting machinery. Visit website.


Hydro-extractors for dyed yarn packages. Visit website.


Winding machines for fine staple yarns. Visit website.

Ferber Textile Solutions

Ferber is a partner of Giobbe Automation and a leading global provider of advanced handling textile solutions, including best-in-class warp beam transport and change solutions, spare parts and integrated services. Visit website.


Compacting & calendering equipment for both tubular & open width knitted fabrics. Unrolling & reversing preparation machines. Visit website.


Raising & shearing machines, wet and dry sueding machines. Scarf machines (fringing, slitting, cross-cutting) Visit website.


Liquid chemical dispensing equipment. Bulk powder weighing, dissolving and dispensing. Dye weighing, dissolving and dispensing Visit website.